421 References

References for OPTI 421/521 – Introductory Optomechanical Engineering

Optomechanics Papers

Mechanical measurements (from Starrett)

Metal working web sites

Optical fabrication references:

  • Anderson, Burge “Optical Fabrication” (from Handbook of Optical Engineering)
  • Plympton, Weiderhorn “Optical Design Considerations for Optics Fabrication” (from Optical System Design)

Glass References

Tech notes From Schott:

Strength of glass:

Optical systems references

Surface quality


Precision machine lectures from MIT:

Lots of stuff from MIT:

References for engineering mechanics from Dr. Stone’s OPTI 222 class:

  • Lecture 1: Review of Stress and Strain
  • Lecture 2: Stress Calculations (Example Problem)
  • Lecture 3: Stresses on Inclined Planes and Displacement, Deformation and Strain
  • Lecture 4: Stress – Strain Relationships
  • Lecture 5: Deformation of Axial Members, Thermal Strains & Design Concepts
  • Lecture 6: Moment of inertia and Properties of Plane Areas
  • Lecture 7: Idealization of Supports and Distributed loads
  • Lecture 8: Shear Forces and Bending Moments in Beams
  • Lecture 9: Flexural Stresses In Beams (Derivation of Bending Stress Equation)
  • Lecture 10: Shear Stress in Beams
  • Lecture 11: Beam Deflections
  • Lecture 12: Beams Deflections (Method of Superposition)
  • Lecture 13: Torsion
  • Lecture 14: Torsion (Example Problems)
  • Lecture 15: Torsion (Additional Topics)
  • Lecture 16: Buckling
  • Lecture 17: Stability and Buckling (Example Problems)
  • Lecture 18: Buckling (Other End Conditions)
  • Lecture 19: Analysis of Stress and Strain
  • Lecture 20: Analysis of Stress and Strain
  • Lecture 21: Mohr’s Circle for Plane Stress
  • Lecture 22: Mohr’s Circle for Plane Stress (Additional Topics)
  • Lecture 23: Generalized Hooke’s Law
  • Lecture 24: Pressure Vessels Stresses Under Combined Loads Yield Criteria for Ductile Materials and Fracture Criteria for Brittle Materials
  • Lecture 25: Example Problems – Pressure Vessels – Stresses Under Combined Loads – Yield Criteria for Ductile Materials and Fracture Criteria for Brittle Materials
  • Lecture 26: Structural Materials
  • Lecture 27: Structural Materials

Other Reference books


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  • Ealey, et al, Advanced Materials for Optics and Precision Structures, (SPIE vol. CR67, 1997.)
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Mechanical Engineering

  • Shigley and Mischke, Mechanical Engineering Design, 5th ed. (McGraw-Hill, 1989)
  • Slocum, A. H., Precision Machine Design (Soc. Man. Eng., 1992).
  • Young, W. C., Roark’s Formulas for Stress and Strain, 6th ed. (McGraw-Hill, 1989).

Optical Engineering

  • Smith, W. J., Modern Optical Engineering 3rd Ed. (McGraw-Hill, 2000).
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