2020 Winter School

01/08/2020: I will be giving an introduction laboratory to holography during the College of Optical Sciences 2020 Optics and Photonics Winter School and Workshop. Link
“Come and learn about holography: make your own hologram in photopolymer (bring a shiny piece of jewelry), and see how computer generated holograms diffract light from spatial light modulator in real time.”

Optical Holography Book

10/29/2019: The book “Optical Holography” that I edited has just been published by Elsevier. Thanks to all the authors to make it happen. Link

Table of content:
1. Introduction (P-A Blanche)
2. Materials (P-A Blanche)
3. Computer Generated Holograms (T Milster)
4. Holographic Television (M. Bove)
5. Digital Holography (P Picart & S Montresor)
6. Holographic Interferometry: From History to Modern Applications (M Georges)
7. Sensor (I Naydenova)
8. Security (V Toal)

Applied Optics Publication

10/16/2019: C. Bigler et al., “Holographic Waveguide HUD with in-line pupil expansion and 2D FOV expansion“, accepted for publication in Applied Optics, to appear in the Special issue on Digital Holography and 3-D Imaging,  Vol.58, G326-G331 (2019). Link


In this publication, we present an head up display with expanded pupil using a waveguide and holograms. The geometry of the system is in-line instead of L shaped, which bring some benefits.

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