SRC Spotlight

08/02/2021: Congratulation to Craig Draper that was put in the spotlight by SRC (Semiconductor Research Corporation) for his work with the Texas Instruments Phase Light Modulator (PLM) as a light engine for holographic waveguide HUD and augmented reality display. Link

Capstone team

Congratulation to the 2017 Engineering Capstone Team working on the avionic head up display for their hard work during the year, and receiving the “Edmund Optics Perseverance and Recovery” prize. Link

Team composed of Kade William Bowers, Abril Lopez Garcia, Savannah Paige Gaston, Bradley Jarrett Nees, Isaiah Brandon Strong.

Design and demonstration of a head-up display

Engineering design


Congratulations to the Engineering Capstone Team for their work on “Design and demonstration of a head-up display”, and being awarded two prizes:


Team members: Adam Blumer, Erick Leon, Matthew Hart, Michael Green, Nick Paco, Stephania Vasilieva.

Project sponsored by Honeywell.