New patent Application

11/20/2020: In this newly published international patent application, we describe how to use a curved waveguide as a combiner for head up display (HUD) or augmented reality (AR) glasses. Today, most systems use a flat waveguide that does not integrate well into their environment. With a curve waveguide the AR glasses can have a better fit and the HUD can be integrated into the windshield or the canopy. Link

New patent application

11/03/2020: In this new patent application US 2019/0278011 A1, we describe how a thick hologram can “enhance the daytime detection of objects“, by selecting the incident light according to the distance from the source. This can be used for the detection of satellite and space debris during daytime. Link

Patent Granted

04/11/2019: P.-A. Blanche and B. Lynn: “Diffraction-Based light beam scanner” Patent US 2019/0107711 A1. Link

This patent is about how to use a spatial light modulator to steer a light beam and compensate for the chromatic aberration in a monostatic LIDAR configuration.

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