Review Article

10/04/2021: P.-A. Blanche, J.-W. Ka, N. Peyghambarian, “Review of Organic Photorefractive Materials and Their Use for Updateable 3D Display“, materials (MDPI), Materials 2021, 14, 5799. Link

In this article we are reviewing:

  • The photorefractive effect.
  • The specific characteristics for a material to be used in 3D display.
  • The different molecules found in photorefractive polymers.
  • How to make samples for holographic display.
  • The setup to record and display 3 color holographic 3D stereograms.

SRC Spotlight

08/02/2021: Congratulation to Craig Draper that was put in the spotlight by SRC (Semiconductor Research Corporation) for his work with the Texas Instruments Phase Light Modulator (PLM) as a light engine for holographic waveguide HUD and augmented reality display. Link

OSA Imaging and Applied Optics Congress

07/19/2021: I will be presenting two papers and chairing the session on Metrology and Profilometry during the OSA Imaging and Applied Optics Congress. Link

Our first paper is DW4B.3: “Texas Instruments Phase Light Modulator for Holography“. The Texas Instruments Phase Light Modulator (TI PLM) is a new type of MEMS that modulates the phase of the incoming light by moving micro-mirrors up and down. We characterized this device for beam steering and for the projection of holographic images.

Our second paper is DF2F.4: “Curved Holographic Waveguide Combiner for HUD and AR Display“. We are presenting a curve waveguide combiner with holographic optical elements that are compensating for image propagation aberration. Both ray tracing model and early experimental demonstrator are discussed.


05/26/2021: Erol Ozgur et al., “Parametric dog-bone-shaped tunable cylindrical fluidic lens“, Optics Vol. 60, Issue 16, pp. 4755-4761 (2021). Link

In this article we are demonstrating the best shape to obtain a fluid cylindrical lens, which focal distance can be adjusted without introducing aberration.

This article was selected by OSA to appear in the “Spotlight on Optics“. Link

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