Light: science and Applications Publication

04/19/2022: Blanche, P-A. “Towards a modular and scalable holographic display“. Light Sci Appl 11, 100 (2022). Link

In this editorial article, I am reviewing a recent publication by a group at Disney Research and the University of Cambridge about an “Holobricks: modular coarse integral holographic displays”. I describe this new system in the context of similar researches done in the past, and the future of 3D display in general.

Review Article

10/04/2021: P.-A. Blanche, J.-W. Ka, N. Peyghambarian, “Review of Organic Photorefractive Materials and Their Use for Updateable 3D Display“, materials (MDPI), Materials 2021, 14, 5799. Link

In this article we are reviewing:

  • The photorefractive effect.
  • The specific characteristics for a material to be used in 3D display.
  • The different molecules found in photorefractive polymers.
  • How to make samples for holographic display.
  • The setup to record and display 3 color holographic 3D stereograms.


02/24/2021: R.S. Ketchum; P.-A. Blanche, “Diffraction Efficiency Characteristics for MEMS-Based Phase-Only Spatial Light Modulator with Nonlinear Phase Distribution“, Photonics 2021, 8, 62. Link

In this new article, we explain how to optimize the diffraction efficiency of a new type of MEMS phase modulator manufactured by Texas Instruments. This can find application in 3D display, HUD, LIDAR.

Feature issue

02/01/2021: Juan Liu et al., “Digital Holography and 3D Imaging 2020: introduction to the feature issue“, Appl. Opt. 60, DH1-DH2 (2021). Link

The Journal of the Optical Society of America A (JOSA A) and Applied Optics (AO) have just published a Joint Feature Issue expanding on material presented at OSA’s 2020 Digital Holography and 3D Imaging Conference (DH), which was held virtually 22-26 June 2020. The articles included cover major research topics in holography, including digital holography, holographic imaging, holographic measurement, holographic display, holographic deep learning, and other novel techniques. Link

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