02/01/2021: P. E. Alcaraz, R. S. Ketchum, and P.-A. Blanche, “Robust phase unwrapping algorithm based on enhanced denoising and fringe quality improvement routines,” OSA Continuum 4, 633-649 (2021). Link

Born out of necessity because we were not finding any algorithm robust enough for unwrapping our experimental data, we created our own and verified its performance.

Digital Holography Conference

05/19/2019: I will be attending the OSA Digital Holography Conference in Bordeaux, France. Link




I will be presenting the following 4 papers:

  • M3A.1. Holographic See-Through Displays. (Invited)
  • M5A.2. Tabletop Radar Range Using Interferometric Time-of-Flight.
  • W4A.2. Continuous Recording of Holographic Stereograms.
  • Th3A.24. Holographic Angular Amplification for LIDAR Scanner.

I will also be panelist for the OSA holography technical group event: “The next scientific contributions of Holography”, taking place Monday May 20th during lunch time.

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