Opt. Express Article

01/11/2022: C. Draper and P.-A. Blanche, “Holographic curved waveguide combiner for HUD/AR with 1-D pupil expansion“, Opt. Express 30, 2503-2516 (2022). Link

In this publication, we are demonstrating for the first time ever how a curved waveguide can be used as a combiner for head up display or augmented reality applications. We used holographic optical elements to correct for the distortion of the image during its propagation inside the curved waveguide. The image is extracted from the waveguide multiple times to expand the system pupil and offer a large eye box. The image that is perceived by the viewer does not show any aberration, and is projected at infinity so it does not require any accommodation. In addition, we are using a polymer waveguide, instead of glass, which reduces dramatically the cost of the system.

This publication has been the 7th top downloaded article from Optics Express during the month of January.

Curved waveguide HUD

10/05/2021: P.-A. Blanche, and C. T. Draper, “Curved waveguide combiner for HUD/AR“, Proceedings Volume 11828, ODS 2021: Industrial Optical Devices and Systems; 1182806 (2021). Link

In this article and presentation, we are introducing for the first time to our knowledge, the use of a curved waveguide (instead of flat), as a combiner for HUD/AR applications. Curved waveguides can find applications in automotive HUD (windshield), motorcycle (helmet visor), and AR glasses (curved lenses and prescription lenses).

SRC Spotlight

08/02/2021: Congratulation to Craig Draper that was put in the spotlight by SRC (Semiconductor Research Corporation) for his work with the Texas Instruments Phase Light Modulator (PLM) as a light engine for holographic waveguide HUD and augmented reality display. Link

OSA Imaging and Applied Optics Congress

07/19/2021: I will be presenting two papers and chairing the session on Metrology and Profilometry during the OSA Imaging and Applied Optics Congress. Link

Our first paper is DW4B.3: “Texas Instruments Phase Light Modulator for Holography“. The Texas Instruments Phase Light Modulator (TI PLM) is a new type of MEMS that modulates the phase of the incoming light by moving micro-mirrors up and down. We characterized this device for beam steering and for the projection of holographic images.

Our second paper is DF2F.4: “Curved Holographic Waveguide Combiner for HUD and AR Display“. We are presenting a curve waveguide combiner with holographic optical elements that are compensating for image propagation aberration. Both ray tracing model and early experimental demonstrator are discussed.


02/24/2021: R.S. Ketchum; P.-A. Blanche, “Diffraction Efficiency Characteristics for MEMS-Based Phase-Only Spatial Light Modulator with Nonlinear Phase Distribution“, Photonics 2021, 8, 62. Link

In this new article, we explain how to optimize the diffraction efficiency of a new type of MEMS phase modulator manufactured by Texas Instruments. This can find application in 3D display, HUD, LIDAR.


02/12/2021: Craig T. Draper and Pierre-Alexandre Blanche, “Examining aberrations due to depth of field in holographic pupil replication waveguide systems,” Appl. Opt. 60, 1653-1659 (2021). Link

In this article we are explaining why the image is doubling when projected at at different distances in waveguide combiner, and more importantly, how to solve this problem. This has applications in HUD and augmented reality systems

New patent Application

11/20/2020: In this newly published international patent application, we describe how to use a curved waveguide as a combiner for head up display (HUD) or augmented reality (AR) glasses. Today, most systems use a flat waveguide that does not integrate well into their environment. With a curve waveguide the AR glasses can have a better fit and the HUD can be integrated into the windshield or the canopy. Link

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