Review Article

10/04/2021: P.-A. Blanche, J.-W. Ka, N. Peyghambarian, “Review of Organic Photorefractive Materials and Their Use for Updateable 3D Display“, materials (MDPI), Materials 2021, 14, 5799. Link

In this article we are reviewing:

  • The photorefractive effect.
  • The specific characteristics for a material to be used in 3D display.
  • The different molecules found in photorefractive polymers.
  • How to make samples for holographic display.
  • The setup to record and display 3 color holographic 3D stereograms.

Special Issue

03/04/2021: After a successful first edition, I am renewing my position of Guest Editor for a Special Issue on “Photoactive Materials: Synthesis, Applications and Technology (Second Volume)“, in MDPI Materials. Link

This Special Issue will cover any material that interacts with the
light electromagnetic field and modifies either their own
properties or those of the field. Including:

  • Nonlinear optical material (Kerr, two-photon
    absorption, saturable absorber),
  • Photorefractive materials (crystal, polymer, hybrid).
  • Photochromic materials (glass, azo-dye, chromophore).
  • Spectral and orientational hole-burning.
  • Plasmonic and photonics material and structures (optical nano-antenna, active nanoparticles).
  • 2D material for optics (graphene, RGO, MoS 2 , WS 2 ).
  • Metamaterials (negative index, gradient index, optical cloaking).
  • Magneto-optics material (high Verdet constant, optical isolator).
  • Material for quantum optic (single photon emitter/detector, quantum state storage, nonlinear processing).


02/24/2021: R.S. Ketchum; P.-A. Blanche, “Diffraction Efficiency Characteristics for MEMS-Based Phase-Only Spatial Light Modulator with Nonlinear Phase Distribution“, Photonics 2021, 8, 62. Link

In this new article, we explain how to optimize the diffraction efficiency of a new type of MEMS phase modulator manufactured by Texas Instruments. This can find application in 3D display, HUD, LIDAR.


01/27/2021: My editorial for the Special Issue: Photoactive Materials: Synthesis, Applications and Technology of MDPI Materials has been published. Link

I would like to thank all the authors that participated in this Special Issue, as well as the people I interacted with at MDPI for their help with the editorial process.