Light: science and Applications Publication

04/19/2022: Blanche, P-A. “Towards a modular and scalable holographic display“. Light Sci Appl 11, 100 (2022). Link

In this editorial article, I am reviewing a recent publication by a group at Disney Research and the University of Cambridge about an “Holobricks: modular coarse integral holographic displays”. I describe this new system in the context of similar researches done in the past, and the future of 3D display in general.

Applied Optics publication

03/14/2022: F. Akhoundi et al., “Performance analysis of a compact auto-phoropter for accessible refractive assessment of the human eye“, Appl. Opt. 61, 2207-2212 (2022). Link

In this publication, we present the performance analysis of a portable auto-phoropter capable of an objective measurement of the refractive power and astigmatism of the human eye, and presenting the correction to the patient.

Opt. Express Article

01/11/2022: C. Draper and P.-A. Blanche, “Holographic curved waveguide combiner for HUD/AR with 1-D pupil expansion“, Opt. Express 30, 2503-2516 (2022). Link

In this publication, we are demonstrating for the first time ever how a curved waveguide can be used as a combiner for head up display or augmented reality applications. We used holographic optical elements to correct for the distortion of the image during its propagation inside the curved waveguide. The image is extracted from the waveguide multiple times to expand the system pupil and offer a large eye box. The image that is perceived by the viewer does not show any aberration, and is projected at infinity so it does not require any accommodation. In addition, we are using a polymer waveguide, instead of glass, which reduces dramatically the cost of the system.

This publication has been the 7th top downloaded article from Optics Express during the month of January.

Opt. Express Article

12/23/2021: P. E. Alcaraz, G. Nero, and P.-A. Blanche, “Bandwidth optimization for the Advanced Volume Holographic Filter,” Opt. Express 30, 576-587 (2022). Link

We previously explained that two diffraction gratings working together can extend the spectral bandwidth of the system (link). In this new paper, we optimized the configuration to obtain the maximum bandwidth. This technique can find applications in astronomy and free space communication.

Review Article

10/04/2021: P.-A. Blanche, J.-W. Ka, N. Peyghambarian, “Review of Organic Photorefractive Materials and Their Use for Updateable 3D Display“, materials (MDPI), Materials 2021, 14, 5799. Link

In this article we are reviewing:

  • The photorefractive effect.
  • The specific characteristics for a material to be used in 3D display.
  • The different molecules found in photorefractive polymers.
  • How to make samples for holographic display.
  • The setup to record and display 3 color holographic 3D stereograms.

Optical Holography Book

10/29/2019: The book “Optical Holography” that I edited has just been published by Elsevier. Thanks to all the authors to make it happen. Link

Table of content:
1. Introduction (P-A Blanche)
2. Materials (P-A Blanche)
3. Computer Generated Holograms (T Milster)
4. Holographic Television (M. Bove)
5. Digital Holography (P Picart & S Montresor)
6. Holographic Interferometry: From History to Modern Applications (M Georges)
7. Sensor (I Naydenova)
8. Security (V Toal)

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