arpa-e Energy Innovation Summit

Liliana Ruiz Diaz and I in front of our booth showcasing our technology for energy solution:
1. A solar trough that uses both IR for thermal and vis. for PV allowing constant energy production even at night when heat is converted back to electricity: “A CPV/CSP Hybrid Solar Energy Conversion System With Full Use of Solar Spectrum

2. A solar panel that uses highly efficient micro PV cells with direct solar concentration on top of a Si panel that use the diffuse light. Win-win solution: “A High Efficiency Flat Plate PV With Integrated Micro-CPV Atop a 1-Sun Panel

I had a fantastic time discussing technology and energy policy with some of the 2000+ participants.

OSA Certificate of Appreciation

                                The peer-review system of scientific publication relies on scholars to review manuscripts. Although we are doing it for the benefit of the entire community, it is still nice to be recognized with a certificate of appreciation as the ones I received from OSA and SPIE.

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