Applied Optics Publication

10/16/2019: C. Bigler et al., “Holographic Waveguide HUD with in-line pupil expansion and 2D FOV expansion“, accepted for publication in Applied Optics, to appear in the Special issue on Digital Holography and 3-D Imaging,  Vol.58, G326-G331 (2019). Link


In this publication, we present an head up display with expanded pupil using a waveguide and holograms. The geometry of the system is in-line instead of L shaped, which bring some benefits.

Applied Optics Publication

10/08/2019: C. Bigler at al., “Holographic Amplification of the Diffraction Angle from Optical Phase Array for Optical Beam Steering“, Applied Optics, Special issue on Digital Holography and 3-D Imaging 2019, Vol. 58, N.34, December 2019. Link


In this article we present a potential solution to the limited steering angle of phase array LIDAR due to large (compared to wavelength) pixel size.

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