Foundations of Image Science


Harrison H. Barrett
Kyle J. Myers

Foundations of Image Science by Harrison H. Barrett and Kyle J. Myers, Wiley-Interscience, 2004. ISBN 0-471-15300-1. 1540 pages. This treatment of the principles, mathematics, and statistics of image science presents a comprehensive treatment of the principles, mathematics, and statistics needed to understand and evaluate imaging systems. The book is the first to provide a thorough treatment of the continuous-to-discrete, or CD, model of digital imaging. Foundations of Image Science emphasizes the need for meaningful, objective assessment of image quality and presents the necessary tools for this purpose. Approaching the subject within a well-defined theoretical and physical context, this landmark text presents the mathematical underpinnings of image science at a level that is accessible to graduate students and practitioners working with imaging systems, as well as well-motivated undergraduate students. Foundations of Image Science covers mathematical foundations, image formation models and mechanisms, image quality, applications and includes appendices.  For more information, including a complete table of contents, please check the Wiley Website at:

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