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Version 0.9b Mar-25-2001© The University of Arizona
The following is a list of routines available from this toolbox. Detailed information about each routine is available by typing ‘help “fncname”‘ in Matlab.

Background Generation

LumpyBgnd – Generate a lumpy background — type 1
MVNLumpy – Generate a lumpy background — type 2
MVNLumpyConv- Same as above but without the wrap around artifacts
CLB – Generate a clustered-lumpy background as described by Bochud, et. al. NOTE: CLB and LumpyBgnd require that poissrnd from the Stats toolbox is available.

Signal Generation

CircSignal – Generate a circular disc signal
GaussianSignal – Generate a gaussian blob signal


Laguerre2D – Generate Laguerre-Gauss functions for approximating the ideal observer
ApplyTemplates – Apply templates to images
CHotelling – Compute the channelized Hotelling observer outputs
Two-alternative-forced choice
Test2AFC – Perform a 2AFC experiment


WilcoxonAUC – Compute the Wilcoxon area under the ROC curve. This also returns ROC operating points for graphing dprime – Compute the d’ SNR statistic
AzFromDP – Compute the Az from the d’ statisticMiscellaneous
RunExperiment – demonstration of some of these routines — try this

This toolbox is a work in progress. Please report any bugs or suggestions to Matthew Kupinski