Theses and Dissertations


Chaix, Cecile.   Dissertation. AdaptiSPECT: a Preclinical Imaging System


Salcin, Esen.  Dissertation. Fisher Information in X-ray/Gamma-ray Imaging Instrumentation Design

Fan, Xiang.   Dissertation. Lens-coupled X-Ray Imaging Systems

Aguwa, Kasarchi.   Thesis. Radiation Dose Study in Nuclear Medicine using GATE.

Bora, Vaibhav.   Dissertation. Photon Statistics in Scintillation Crystals


Park, Ryeojin.  Dissertation. Novel Applications Using Maximum-Likelihood Estimation in Optical Metrology and Nuclear Medical Imaging: Point-Diffraction Interferometry and BazookaPET.

Durko, Heather.  Anamorphic Preclinical SPECT Imaging with High-Resolution Silicon Double-Sided Strip Detectors


Bonham, Todd. Thesis. Exact Reconstruction of Adaptive Helical Micro-CT Data.

Jha, Abhinav. Dissertation. Retrieving Information from Scattered Photons in Medical Imaging.


Lee, Chih-Jie. 2012. Dissertation. Design and Assessment of Cardiac SPECT Systems.

Sakamoto, Julia. Dissertation. Inverse Optical Design and Its Application.

Young, Stefano. Dissertation. Task-Based Assessment and Optimization of Digital Breast Tomosynthesis.

Caucci, Luca.  Dissertation. Task Performance with List-Mode Data.

Palit, Robin.  Computational Tools and Methods for Objective Assessment of Image Quality in X-ray CT and SPECT.


Miller, Brian W. Dissertation. High-resolution gamma ray imaging with columnar scintillators and CCD/CMOS sensors, and FastSPECT III: a third-generation stationary SPECT imager.

Moore, Jared W. Dissertation. Adaptive X-ray computed tomography.

Moore, Stephen. Dissertation. ModPET: Novel Applications of Scintillation Cameras to Preclinical PET.


Trumbull, Tara L. Thesis. Simulation and analysis of an adaptive SPECT imaging system for tumor estimation.

Jimenez, Edward S. Dissertation. Simulation and estimation of organ uptake in a digital mouse phantom.


Wells, Lionelle. Thesis. Dual-isotope imaging utilizing Bayesian windowing for scatter rejection.

Whitaker, Meredith. Dissertation. Estimating signal features from noisy images with stochastic backgrounds.


Breme, Arthur. Thesis. Adaptive Hotelling discriminant functions for detection tasks.

Caucci, Luca. Thesis. Point detection and Hotelling discriminant: an application in adaptive optics.

Hesterman, Jacob. Dissertation. The multi-module multi-resolution SPECT system: a tool for variable-pinhole small-animal imaging.

Hunter, William. Dissertation. Modeling stochastic processes in gamma-ray imaging detectors and evaluation of a multi-anode PMT scintillation camera.

Ingram, Charles. Thesis. A prototype readout array for semi-conductor gamma-ray detectors.

Shen, Fangfang. Dissertation. Approximating ideal-observer performance using Fisher information and the extreme value distribution in detection tasks.


Chen, Yi-Chun. Dissertation. System calibration and image reconstruction for a new small-animal SPECT system.

Freed, Melanie. Thesis. A prototype instrument for adaptive SPECT imaging.

Gershman, Benjamin. Thesis. Development and evaluation of a clinical gamma-ray imager.

Gross, Kevin. Dissertation. Assessing and optimizing pinhole SPECT imaging systems for detection tasks.


Lehovich, Andre. Dissertation. List-mode SPECT reconstruction using empirical likelihood.

Taylor, Sean. Thesis. Dual-modality imaging with a lens-coupled CCD camera.


Chen, Liying. Dissertation. Task-based lens design with applications to digital mammography.

Kim, Hyunki. Dissertation. SemiSPECT: A small-animal SPECT imager based on eight CdZnTe detector arrays.

Park, Subok. Dissertation. Signal detection with random backgrounds and random signals.


Crawford, Michael J. Thesis. Mechanical and thermal design and analysis of a small-animal SPECT imager.

Hoppin, John W. Dissertation. Ranking estimation methods in medical imaging without the use of a gold standard.

Matherson, Kevin. Dissertation. Design, development, and analysis of semiconductor-based instrumentation for nuclear medicine.


Balzer, Stephen. Thesis. A portable gamma-ray imager for small-animal studies.

Hilton, Nathan. Dissertation. Material Uniformity of Cadmium Zinc Telluride in Gamma-Ray Imaging Detectors.

Kastis, Georgios A. Dissertation. Multi-Modality Imaging of Small Animals.

Pineda, Angel R. Dissertation. Detection-theoretic evaluation in digital radiography and optical tomography.


Gallas, Brandon. Dissertation. Signal detection in lumpy backgrounds.

Sain, John. Dissertation. Optical modeling, design optimization, and performance analysis of a gamma camera for detection of breast cancer.


Marks, Daniel. Dissertation. Estimation methods for semiconductor gamma-ray detectors.

Rogala, Eric. Dissertation. Task-based assessment of a proposed phase-shifting profilometer/ellipsometer.