Selected Recent Publications

  • Programmable photonic integrated meshes for modular generation of optical entanglement links, Mark Dong, Matthew Zimmermann, David Heim, Hyeongrak Choi, Genevieve Clark, Andrew J Leenheer, Kevin J Palm, Alex Witte, Daniel Dominguez, Gerald Gilbert, Matt Eichenfield, Dirk Englund, npj Quantum Information 9 (1), 42, 2023.
  • Non-reciprocal acoustoelectric microwave amplifiers with net gain and low noise in continuous operation, Lisa Hackett, Michael Miller, Scott Weatherred, Shawn Arterburn, Matthew J Storey, Greg Peake, Daniel Dominguez, Patrick S Finnegan, Thomas A Friedmann, Matt Eichenfield, Nature Electronics, 6, 76–85, 2023.
  • Reconfigurable quantum phononic circuits via piezo-acoustomechanical interactions, Taylor, Jeffrey C; Chatterjee, Eric; Kindel, William F; Soh, Daniel; Eichenfield, Matt; npj Quantum Information,8,1,12-Jan, 2022.
  • High-speed programmable photonic circuits in a cryogenically compatible, visible–near-infrared 200 mm CMOS architecture, Dong, Mark; Clark, Genevieve; Leenheer, Andrew J; Zimmermann, Matthew; Dominguez, Daniel; Menssen, Adrian J; Heim, David; Gilbert, Gerald; Englund, Dirk; Eichenfield, Matt; Nature Photonics,16,1,59-65, 2022.
  • Optimal quantum transfer from input flying qubit to lossy quantum memory, Chatterjee, Eric; Soh, Daniel; Eichenfield, Matt; Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical,55,10,105302, 2022.
  • Towards single-chip radiofrequency signal processing via acoustoelectric electron–phonon interactions, Hackett, Lisa; Miller, Michael; Brimigion, Felicia; Dominguez, Daniel; Peake, Greg; Tauke-Pedretti, Anna; Arterburn, Shawn; Friedmann, Thomas A.; Eichenfield, Matt; Nature Communications,12,1, 2769, 2021.
  • A phononic interface between a superconducting quantum processor and quantum networked spin memories, Neuman, Tomáš; Eichenfield, Matt; Trusheim, Matthew E; Hackett, Lisa; Narang, Prineha; Englund, Dirk; npj Quantum Information,7,1,8-Jan, 2021.
  • High-fidelity state transfer between leaky quantum memories, Soh, Daniel; Chatterjee, Eric; Eichenfield, Matt; Physical Review Research,3,3,33027, 2021.