Welcome to the Lightweight Optics Lab. We aim to develop technology required for a future that is increasingly reliant on space infrastructure for communication, understanding our planet, exploration, and astronomy.

Congratulations to Alex St. Peter!

Alex defended his Masters thesis (Optical Sciences) on birefringence imaging to estimate stress states in ultrafast laser-modified fused silica.


Check out our latest publication: https://doi.org/10.1364/OE.456679

We present a promising new method of accurately figuring thin mirrors, called Ultrafast Laser Stress Figuring.


New paper by MIT and Chalifoux: https://doi.org/10.1364/OPTICA.445379

This paper describes a precise method of creating Stress Tensor Mesostructures, which are lithographically-patterned film structures that produce a desired state and distribution of stress for accurately shaping thin substrates.