Constitution & Bylaws

Article I. Name

The name of this organization shall be the “Women In Optics.”

Article II. Objectives

  1. To serve as a forum for women in the optical sciences community to communicate and exchange ideas and information
  2. To promote the disciplines of math and science, especially optical science and optical engineering, among the academic and local communities, especially to women from elementary school through professional levels
  3. To create a support network among women in optical sciences at the University, mentor female undergraduates, and network with women in the field in the local community and around the globe
  4. To contribute to the recruitment of female graduate students in Optical Sciences
  5. To establish a local section of the national Women In Optics Organization
  6. To establish a scholarship for a female in the Optical Sciences department

Article III. Membership

  • Any University of Arizona student with an interest in optical science and/or optical engineering is eligible to be an active member and may hold office.
    Non-students may not vote or hold office.
  • This organization shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, gender, national origin, disability or handicap, race, religion, sexual orientation, Vietnam Era veteran status. This policy will include, but is not limited to, recruiting, membership, organization activities or opportunities to hold office.
  • This organization will not conspire to engage in hazing, participate in hazing, or commit any act that causes or is likely to cause bodily danger, physical harm or personal degradation, or disgrace resulting in physical or mental harm to any fellow student or person attending the institution.

Article IV. Voting

  • A quorum of three (3) board members shall be required for business to be transacted or elections held at any meeting.
  • This constitution and by-laws may be amended by a 2/3 majority vote of those voting, a quorum being present. Voting on amendments must be conducted after a minimum notice of 2 weeks.

Article V. Advising Board

A. Chapter Board Members

  1. All board members shall be full time students of University of Arizona and members in good standing with the chapter.

B. Nominations and Elections

  1. The elected officers will consist of an advising board of four (4) members; one (1) of whom will be identified as president and one (1) of whom will be identified as Treasurer for paperwork and point-of-contact purposes; however, the four (4) will otherwise hold equal leverage in advising the group.
  2. Additional committee chairs may be elected at any time.
  3. Nominations for the board members shall be conducted by email, following a request for officer nominations to the student chapter body.
  4. Nominations will be open for two weeks at the end of the spring semester.
  5. Elections will be held at the last regular meeting of the Spring semester; the four (4) candidates with the largest majority of votes will form the board.
  6. The President and Treasurer will be decided on by the four (4) board members.
  7. In case of a vacant office, a special election will be held at the next regular meeting.

C. Term of Office

  1. The term of all board members shall begin at the completion of the election and be for one (1) year.

D. Removal From Office

  1. An elected officer can be removed from office for misconduct or failure to perform the duties of his/her office.
  2. Removal must be approved by a two-thirds vote of the members present, after the charges have been openly presented by a member of the chapter. This must occur one meeting prior to the meeting at which the removal vote is to be taken.

E. Duties of Board Members

  1. President — To serve as a point-of-contact to the University and to represent the chapter.
  2. Treasurer — To be responsible for the financial obligations to the chapter, and to distribute funds accordingly. All financial decisions must be made by a quorum. Shall be responsible for payment in full of all debts accumulated by the organization not covered by funds on deposit.
  3. Board — To serve as the head decision making committee to direct the organization’s activities with the purpose to act in the interest of the members.

Article VI. Not for Profit Statement

  • This is a not-for-profit organization.

Article VII. Statement of Compliance with Campus Regulations

  • This organization shall comply with all University and campus policies and regulations and local, state and federal laws.