Biomedical Optical Imaging: Clinical Applications

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Before 2017


While many biomedical optical imaging techniques have been developed, translating from the lab to the bedside is another major step. We will focus on developing clinical systems using my industrial experience in commercial medical imaging techniques and devices, well aligned with our micro optics fabrication facility.

Currently we are working on goggle system for image guided surgery, collaborating with Dr. Samuel Achilefu and Dr. Viktor Gruev at Washington University in St. Louis. We are developing the imaging systems and head mounted display. The system has been tested in clinical study, which has drawn widespread media coverage. We will improve the system performance by developing advanced imaging techniques and translate this technique to clinical applications.

Developing advanced endoscopic technique is another research focus in AOL. It builds on our unique capability in optical design with freeform optics and diamond turning fabrication. Collaborating with Dr. Bhaskar Banerjee, Chief of Gastroenterology at Department of Medicine, we have developed a unique dual-view colonoscope to detect more polyps hidden behind the folds. We have also developed a number of new endoscope concepts and will implement some of them in next few years. One patent application and two provisional patent applications have been filed on our endoscopic techniques.