Intermediate Optics Laboratory II

Spring 2016

  • Content and order ‘subject to change’……
  • Print out each lab on a week-by-week basis!!
  • Course Syllabus

Lab 1: Basic Circuit Construction and Electronic Instrumentation

Lab 2: Linear and Non-linear Circuit Elements and Networks

Lab 3: Introduction to LabView and GPIB Interfacing

Lab 4: Op Amps I: Introduction

Lab 5: Op Amps II: Circuits

Lab 6: Digital Logic: Intro to Gates and Encoders

Lab 7: Data Acquisition, FFT, and Aliasing (lab handout)

Lab 8: Design Project: “Automatic LED Night Light”

Lab 9: Microcontroller I: “Basics of the Arduino Microcontroller, A/D Converter, Data Storage, LCD Display”

Lab 10: Microcontroller II: “DC Motors, Stepper Motors and Servo Motors”

Lab 11: Microcontroller III: “Motion Control of a Laser Beam” (2 WEEKS)

Stepper Motor Example Programs

Lab 12/13: “Microcontroller Data Acquisition Project” (2 WEEKS)