OPTI 200: Light, Color & Vision

Explore optical technology and phenomena, including color and vision, light in art and nature, lasers, telescopes, cameras and fiber optics. This course, designed for non-science majors, will feature demonstrations and hands-on learning with only basic math.

OPTI 202L:Ā  Geometrical and Instrumental Optics II Laboratory

Measuring refractive indices, dispersing and deviating prisms, thin lenses, thick lenses, aberration evaluation, Keplerian and Galileo telescopes and compound microscopes. This lab is designed to complement the major topics discussed in OPTI 202R, and it is recommended that these two courses be taken concurrently.

OPTI 380B:Ā Intermediate Optics Laboratory II

Diffraction gratings, spatial filtering, Fourier optics and imaging filtering, electronics (basic analytic instruments, linear and nonlinear circuit elements, transistors, op-amps, active filters, oscillators, voltage regulators, logic, gates and flip-flops, counters, data converters, interfacing with LabView, and data acquisition using microcontrollers).