The Precision Freeform Optics Design, Fabrication and Testing Facility contains state-of-the art technologies for your optics needs.

Diamond Turning: Moore Nanotech 350FG Freeform Generator

Moore Nanotech® 350FG Ultra-Precision Freeform Generator Features

  • PC based CNC motion controller with Windows operating system and 0.01 nanometer (0.0004µ”) programming resolution
  • PC based CNC motion controller with Windows operating system and 0.01 nanometer (0.0004µ”) programming resolution
  • Thermally insensitive linear scale feedback system with 34 picometer (0.034 nanometer) resolution
  • Allows raster flycutting and/or grinding of freeform surfaces, linear diffractive surfaces, and prismatic optical structures
  • Allows increased swing capacity to 20” dia. (500mm) for off-axis and toric components
  • Box-way hydrostatic oil bearing slides with 12” (300mm) of travel on Z, 14” (350mm) of travel on X, 6” (150mm) vertical travel on Y, and an adaptive air bearing counterbalance assembly on the vertical axis for optimal servo performance
  • Dual linear motors on Y-Axis
  • Exclusive 10,000 rpm “heavy-duty” PI air bearing workspindle (with liquid cooling option) imbedded into the Y-Axis carriage to improve loop stiffness, reduce Abbe errors, and maintain symmetry
  • Options include hydrostatic rotary B-Axis, C-Axis positioning control of the workspindle, Fast Tool Servo system, grinding & micro-milling attachments, optical tool set station, spraymist coolant system, vacuum chuck, micro-height adjust tool holders,  NanoCAM® 2D Aspheric Part Programming Soft-ware, on-machine measurement & Workpiece Error Compensation System (WECS), and air shower temperature control system

Precision glass molding machine: Moore Nanotech 140GPM

Moore Nanotech 140GPMFeatures

The Nanotech 140GPM is a glass press molding machine designed for precision glass optic applications. It features a single molding chamber with a 140mm diameter capacity.  The Nanotech 350FG can also be configured for ultra precision grinding of these molds. Together, the combination of systems forms an ultra precision glass press molding cell.





Zygo Newview 8300 interference microscope (optical surface profiler)

Zygo Newview 8300 interference microscopeFeatures

The NewView™ 8000 series of 3D optical surface profilers provide powerful versatility in non-contact optical surface profiling. All measurements are nondestructive, fast, and require no sample preparation. Advanced software tools characterize and quantify surface roughness, step heights, critical dimensions, and other topographical features, with excellent precision and accuracy.

Profile heights can range from < 1 nm up to 20000 µm, at high speeds, independent of surface texture, magnification, or feature height!

Using ZYGO’s patented technology for Coherence Scanning Interferometry (CSI), the NewView 8000 series of profilers easily measure a wide range of surface types, including smooth, rough, flat, sloped, and stepped.

The NewView 8000 Series is offered in two configurations – a single zoom NewView 8200 configuration, and a triple zoom equipped NewView 8300 system. All NewView 8000 systems offer high-accuracy measurements, ease of use, and a wide variety of applications, all at an attractive price point that make it the ideal choice for versatility and value in 3D optical profilers.

Zygo Verifire™ interferometer

Zygo Verifir interferometer Features

ZYGO’s Verifire™ interferometer system provides fast high-precision measurements of plano or spherical surfaces, and transmitted wavefront of optical systems and assemblies. Measure glass or plastic optical components – like flats, lenses, and prisms – and even precision machined metal and ceramic surfaces.

A true laser Fizeau design, the Verifire™ system expands upon ZYGO’s unmatched experience in surface form metrology. The on-axis configuration combined with ZYGO’s patented acquisition algorithms and full-featured Mx™ metrology software enables high-precision surface form metrology with advanced analysis capabilities.

LensCheck Systems

LensCheck SystemsFeatures

LensCheck™ Systems are a cost-effective solution to your production and prototype lens qualification needs. Optikos, the leader in image quality test equipment, is pleased to offer this compact, efficient, easy-to-use quality control tool. LensCheck™, with patented Optikos® VideoMTF® image analysis software, features realtime MTF testing and analysis enabling manufacturers to qualify incoming products quickly and reliably and minimize the risk of sub-standard complete assemblies.

ATAGO’s multi-wavelength Abbe refractometer DR-M2

ATAGO's multi-wavelength Abbe refractometerFeatures

Refractive index or Abbe number (νd or νe) can be measured at different wavelengths ranging from 450 to 1,100nm. The DR-M2 digitally displays measurement result of refractive index or Abbe number on the LCD.
Measurement can be achieved by matching the boundary line with the intersection point of the cross hairs.

This refractometer is connectable with Digital printer DP-63 (B) (Optional).