The University of Arizona College of Optical Sciences and Utsunomiya University are pleased to present our fifth series of Optical Science and Engineering short courses in Japan. Courses will be jointly taught by professors from the University of Arizona, College of Optical Sciences in the United States of America as well as from Utsunomiya University, Center of Optical Research and Education. Course contents are taken from our undergraduate and graduate courses in optics. Five courses will be taught in Japanese and the remainder in English. All classes will have Japanese speaking teaching assistants present to enable questions and discussions in Japanese.

Students can learn geometrical optics, basic aberration theory, and its application to optical design, higher order aberration theory and its application lens design, illumination engineering, and basic and advanced physical optics including crystal optics, Fourier optics, OCT, polarization measurement, interferometric measurement. The lectures include total of 80 minutes (four of 20 minutes) of Q&A sessions as well as a reception on the first day. Students can effectively take advantage of these opportunities by a bi-directional and one-on-one interaction with instructors. In addition to providing high quality lectures with state-of-the-art contents, the short course program is a great opportunity to establish a long lasting tie among students and instructors at University of Arizona and Utsunomiya University, which will be a great asset for all the attendees.

A certificate of completion will be offered at the end of the course.

Courses Fee: 37,500JPY/Course