The University of Arizona College of Optical Sciences

アリゾナ大学Optical Sciences通信教育プログラム

The College of Optical Sciences at the University of Arizona in Tucson Arizona is the world’s premier optics research institute.  Optical Sciences has 55 faculty members performing research in all areas of optical engineering and optical physics who are recognized worldwide for their strong leadership abilities and outstanding research records.  The international student body includes 440 undergraduate and graduate students.  Optical Sciences maintains close relationships with the optics industry including special ties with many Japanese companies.  The College of Optical Sciences was founded in 1964.

アリゾナ州ツーソンにあるアリゾナ大学The College of Optical Sciences(光科学部) は、世界有数の光学研究機関です。光工学や光物理学の全分野で研究を行う55名の教員が在籍し、その強い指導力と優れた研究実績は世界的に評価されています。学部生、大学院生合わせて440名の国際色豊かな学生が在籍しています。1964年に設立された本学部は、多数の日本企業との特別提携をはじめ、光学業界と密接な関係を継続しています。

Optical Sciences Distance Learning: Take Graduate Optics Courses In JAPAN and ANYWHERE in the world.


Engineers interested in our Tokyo Optical Design and Testing Short Course program might also be interested in our distance learning programs.  The College of Optical Sciences offers some of its graduate classes each semester by video to individuals worldwide.  Students enroll for a semester course.  After each class, the lecture is delivered to enrolled students by CD or downloaded over the internet.  The student’s homework is submitted by email or fax, graded and returned.  Tests and the final examination are administered at the student’s workplace or another nearby location.  The distance learning program brings the College of Optical Sciences’ outstanding teaching faculty to students worldwide.

光学設計&測定ショートコースプログラムに興味をお持ちのエンジニアの皆様の中には、本校の通信教育プログラムにもまた興味をお持ち頂ける方がいらっしゃるかもしれません。光科学部(College of Optical Sciences) では、各学期毎に世界中の方々に向けて、ビデオ録画による大学院レベルの講義をご提供しております。学生はまず各学期の講座に受講登録します。各講義が終了する度に、講義内容はCDまたは、インターネットでのダウンロードによって登録学生に提供されます。学生へ課されるホームワークはEメールまたはファックスによって提出し、採点されて返却されます。小試験や期末テストは皆様の勤務地またはその近くの場所で受験して頂けます。本校通信教育プログラムは、College of Optical Sciencesの卓越した教育を世界中の学生に配信します。


CORE: Utsunomiya University Center for Optical Research and Education


Optics is one of the key technologies underpinning major Japanese industries including telecommunications and visual equipment such as cameras and displays. Nevertheless, it has become increasingly difficult for Japanese students to find opportunities for a systematic education in optical technology. Canon Inc. therefore approached Utsunomiya University and proposed to help rebuild optical education in Japan. Impressed by this visionary proposal, the University decided to set up an institution for optical research and education in collaboration with Canon, culminating in the creation of the Utsunomiya University Center for Optical Research and Education (CORE) in April 2007. In partnership with related industries, the Center aims to develop highly-skilled engineers and cutting-edge optical technologies to drive forward the optics industry in Japan.