Thanks to Our Speakers and Study Abroad Opportunities!

Thank you to our wonderful speakers, Eliana and Kris, for sharing their wonderful testimonies about their summers in Taiwan and Germany as study abroad students! UA Study Abroad is an opportunity that even Optics students get to participate in, gaining incredibly valuable research experience while exploring new parts of the world! SOCk would like to encourage everyone who is interested in study abroad to click the link and see what other areas in the world you can visit! As Kris mentioned, there are significant stipends that help cover much of the cost for our students, so don’t let finances deter you!


Internship Q&A

Students gathered to ask questions to our internship gurus about their strategies and techniques to present themselves to companies. Topics ranged from resumes and interview questions. Thank you to everyone who attended and presented!


2023 Mt. Graham Camping Trip & Large Binocular Telescope Tour

Mountain lakes, cliffside sunsets, stargazing, campfires, good food, great music, even better people, and a 2-hour tour of the Large Binocular Telescope (the largest single-mount telescope in the world!!) makes for a pretty epic weekend on one of the most prominent peaks in the United States. 

SOCk hosts this amazing trip each year, providing transportation to the mountain, providing dinner, and setting up the telescope tour free of charge, which is something you do not want to miss out on! Make sure to join us next year as we’ll be returning to the same campsite! 

A PhD/MD Conversation

Thanks to Colin Potter, a current graduate student here at the Wyant College of Optical Sciences pursuing his PhD/MD. Colin elucidated the different ways PhD/MDs are trying to change the world. In fact, Colin talked about he is creating a quick way to detect the SARs-COV-19 virus using a novel diffractive optical system faster than current standard testing. Thanks so much Colin!

Dr. Kester ’07, Rebellion Photonics co-Founder, Speaks!!

Dr. Robert Kester (MS ’07), co-founder of Rebellion Photonics, returned to the Wyant College to host a conversation about his experience establishing, running, and scaling a startup. Students asked pressing questions about how they can be successful in their own entrepreneurial enterprises. Everyone gained insight into some of the challenges he faced during his time building Rebellion. Thank you Dr. Kester for your time!

Internship Q&A Panel

Thanks to our panelists Greg Nero, Logan Pawlowski, and Trenton Brendel for your insightful advice and answers to our students’ most pressing questions about gaining and choosing internships. We are sure that your recommendations will help our students in the future. It goes a long way!

Jilian Nguyen ’20, Apple, Speaks

Jilian Nguyen, UA OpSci alumnus and a current camera hardware engineer at Apple, gave a virtual talk about her experience searching for, interviewing, and landing internships at a variety of tech companies. Topics ranged from what companies in optics want out of employees to how to maximize one’s experience at Wyant College of Optical Sciences.  

SOCk Hike!

We started the year off right with a  hike in the beautiful winter weather and desert scenery. Thank you to everyone who made it to Blackett’s Ridge Trail as well as those who trekked a variety of others on their own. Let’s have a wonderful semester!

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