The OSC Micro/Nano Fabrication Cleanroom enables research in a dust-free, clean environment, utilizing state of the art lithography and deposition equipment.

The Cleanroom provides support for the University community, including researchers in the College of Science and College of Engineering. Additionally, the Cleanroom welcomes industry partners dedicated to research and development of solar, telecom, electronic and other technologies.


In order to comply with the OSHA Occupational Exposure to Hazardous Chemicals in Laboratories (29 CFR 1910.1450) regulations, laboratory specific training must be performed for every laboratory worker by the manager listed as the Approval Holder (Roland Himmelhuber). This training, and the completion of the Chemical Safety Laboratory Specific Training Form, is required in addition to the General Chemical Safety Training. Training is available every Thursday at 11:00am. Please email Roland Himmelhuber for confirmation.  To view cost for access please see here: Internal Costs Document (Under Mico/Nano Fabrication Cleanroom Section)

Four documents need to be submitted before access can be granted and equipment training can happen.

  • Download Chemical Safety Laboratory Specific Training Form
  • Keyless Access Request Form (Under Mico/Nano Fabrication Cleanroom Section) – make sure your adviser signs it and an account number is provided.
  • A copy of the applicants general lab safety, cryogenic materials and highly hazardous gases is required as well.  Please go to https://research.arizona.edu/compliance/RLSS and click on online training.
  • Filled out safety quiz (Quiz will be provided after the lab specific safety training).