Scavenger Hunt

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Floor 3

  1. Who was the first director of the College of Optical Sciences at UA?
  2. These binoculars, given out as a toy, have a great sense of humor. Find them. 
  3. This is one of the first successful casts of what type of mirror blank (the material on which the reflecting coating for a given mirror design is applied)?
  4. This camera in the lobby shows people walking along the mall. What happened to the image? How is this image different than what you see out the window?

Floor 4

  1. These photographs, known as daguerreotypes, were the first readily available form of photography. After looking at these examples, what do you think was their most common subject?
  2. This tool is used in a museum and helps you see small details. What tool is it?

Floor 5

  1. This artwork shows the effect of refracting light through a prism. Who made it?
  2. These triplet lenses are from the late 1800s. What are they called?
  3. Find something that makes images come alive. 

Floor 6

  1. Find the concept models for telescopes used right here in Arizona. What is the name of the telescope they are modeled after?
  2. Name three camera brand names you recognize.
  3. What’s your favorite scientific tool on the 6th floor? What do you like about it?

Floor 7

  1. *Challenge Question* Find the dragonfly.
  2. These lenses were originally invented by Benjamin Franklin, what are they called?
  3. What is a 3-draw telescope?
  4.  What are the two types of eyepiece tubes on a library telescope?
  5. This telescope is set up to help you see far away parts of the University’s campus. What do you see?
  6.  What was your favorite part of the museum? Why did you like this part?

You are an optical genius if you have successfully answered 10 of these questions!!!


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