Dr. James M. Palmer passed away on Thursday, January 4, 2007 after a courageous battle with cancer. His book, The Art of Radiometry, by James M. Palmer and Barbara G. Grant, is available from SPIE Press: http://spie.org/x648.html?product_id=798237


ISBN: 9780819472458. Vol: PM 184. 393 pages. Hardcover.

Here’s what SPIE has to say: The material from this book was derived from a popular first-year graduate class taught by James M. Palmer for over twenty years at the University of Arizona College of Optical Sciences. This text covers topics in radiation propagation, radiometric sources, optical materials, detectors of optical radiation, radiometric measurements, and calibration. Radiometry forms the practical basis of many current applications in aerospace engineering, infrared systems engineering, remote sensing systems, displays, visible and ultraviolet sensors, infrared detectors of optical radiation, and many other areas. While several texts individually cover topics in specific areas, this text brings the underlying principles together in a manner suitable for both classroom teaching and a reference volume that the practicing engineer can use.

The level of discussion of the material is suitable for a class taught to advanced undergraduate students or graduate students. Although this book is not a theoretical treatment, the mathematics required to understand all equations include differential and integral calculus.

This text should be foremost in the toolkit of the practicing engineer or scientist working on radiometric problems in areas of optical engineering, electro-optical engineering, systems engineering, imagery analysis, and many others, allowing the technical professional to successfully apply radiometric principles in his or her work.

Dr. James Palmer is a Research Professor Emeritus at the world-renowned College of Optical Sciences (formerly Optical Sciences Center) at the University of Arizona. He earned MS and PhD degrees in optics at the College of Optical Sciences, specializing in radiometry and infrared systems.  He has worked in these areas for over forty years, and has been involved in many aspects of radiometric instrumentation and detector design and fabrication, radiometric measurements and calibration, and radiometric systems analysis.

Besides teaching radiometry at the College of Optical Sciences both at the undergraduate and graduate levels, Dr. Palmer teaches several  Short Courses in Radiometry for SPIE and the Optical Society of America. He has also prepared many lectures and short courses for industry, and consulted on a variety of problems involving radiometric instruments, measurements and calibrations.  He has nearly forty papers published concerning radiometry and allied topics, and is currently preparing a  book entitled  “The Art of Radiometry”.

Webmaster’s Note: Dr. Palmer’s website is no longer being actively maintained. The content you find here was migrated from James’ original OSC faculty website, which was last updated after his passing in early January 2007.