2020 Winter Workshop

Wednesday, January 8 (Immersion DAY)

Morning: Immersion Labs

Afternoon: Explore Tucson (e.g. Sabino Canyon tour)

Evening: Welcome reception dinner and Student Poster Session

Thursday, January 9 (CAREER DAY)

(All sessions at Optical Sciences 307)

8:15 Welcome: Dean Thomas Koch, University of Arizona

8:30 Colloquium: Prof. Daniel Marrone, University of Arizona

        The Event Horizon Telescope – First Image of a Black Hole

9:30    Break

10:00 Cecile Chaix, Snap Inc. (UA Optics Alumna)

          Snapshots from an early-career optical engineer

10:20 Zachary Newman, National Institute of Science and Technology (UA Optics Alumnus)

         From grad school to national lab to start-up: A few things I’ve learned from my career in optics

10:40 Panel discussion: Chaix, Newman, Lumbres, Kieu, Kim

11:30 Lunch

12:30 Colloquium: Joseph Goodman, Stanford University

           Lessons I’ve Learned in Optics

1:30 Break

1:45 Vasilly Astratov, University of North Carolina – Charlotte

        From Microscopy to Nanoscopy Using Contact Dielectric Microspheres

2:15 Axel Schülzgen, University of Central Florida

         Imaging through Glass-Air Disordered Optical Fiber

2:45 Break & Lab Tours (incl. Richard F. Caris Mirror Lab)

4:15 Ines Montano, Northern Arizona University

        Optically Pumped Terahertz Quantum-Cascade Amplifier: A Model System for Quantum Coherence Effects

4:45 Arash Mafi, University of New Mexico

        Research and Education in Optics and Photonics at UNM, and Embracing Disorder in Optics

5:15 Break

5:30 Jhen Lumbres, University of Arizona

        Efforts in building astronomical instruments for detecting exoplanets with ground-based telescopes and citizen science

6:00 Lab Tours & Free Time

7:00 Banquet (Silver and Sage Room, UA campus)

After Dinner Speaker: James Wyant, University of Arizona

       From Foot Scanners to Space Telescopes, and Everything in Between

Friday, January 10

(All sessions at Optical Sciences 307)

8:30 Colloquium: Gary Grim, National Ignition Facility/Lawrence Livermore Natl. Laboratory

         An Introduction to Inertial Confinement Fusion

9:30 Meredith Kupinski, University of Arizona

          Angle of Linear Polarization (AoLP) Images of Outdoor Scenes

10:00 Break

10:30  Mark Beck, Reed College,

          Preparing our Students for Quantum 2.0

11:00 Nathan Lempke, Bethel University

          Doppler-free spectroscopy in an optics teaching lab

11:30 Tom Milster, University of Arizona

          The MODE Lens: Sensing for Signatures of Life on 1000 Earths

12:00 Lunch (Optical Sciences)

1:00 Lab Tours & Free Time

2:00 Scott Carney, University of Rochester

       Computed Imaging

2:30 Richard Blackmon, Elon University

       Optical Coherence Tomography for Breast Cancer

3:00 Break

3:15 Joseph Shaw, Montana State University

Advancing the Photonics Frontier in Montana

3:45 Euan McLeod, University of Arizona


4:15 Break

4:30 Dwight Whitaker, Pomona College

        Optics and 17th Century Art

5:00 Colloquium: John Schaefer, University of Arizona


 Free Time

7:00 Dinner