Winter School 2022 Videos

“Welcome” – Dean Tom Koch

“Invited talk: Challenges and opportunities in virtual and augmented reality displays” Hong Hua, UArizona

“Winter School Lecture 1: Optical Engineering: a key enabler for technology in daily life” Yuzuru Takashima, UArizona

“Winter School Lecture 2: Physical Optics” Jason Jones, UArizona

“Winter School Lecture 2: Quantum Optics,” Poul Jessen, UArizona

“Facilities Intro: NSF Center for Quantum Networks,” Zheshen Zhang, UArizona

“Invited talk: 3D Laser Nanoprinting,” Martin Wegener, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

“Winter School Lecture 3: (Tech-kit Demo: “Sources of light and color”),” Euan McLeod, UArizona

“Optical Sciences Alumni Talk 1,” Sander Zandbergen, JPL, CA

“Optical Sciences Alumni Talk 2” Stacey Sueoka, Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope, HI

“Univ. of North Carolina at Charlotte Optics Program Intro & Research,” Rosario Porras, Univ. of NC at Charlotte

“Winter School Lecture 4: The Cellphone Polariscope” Meredith Kupinski, UArizona

“Univ. of Rochester Optics Program: “Then and Now: How Rochester and Tucson together led the world in defining optics research and education,” Thomas Brown, Univ. of Rochester

“Montana State Univ. Optics Program: “Advancing the Optics and Photonics Frontier in Montana”” Joe Shaw, Montana State Univ.

“Keynote Talk: Atoms and Photons: from Fundamental Physics to Quantum Technology” Monika Schleier-Smith, Stanford

“Large Binocular Telescope Video Tour & Scientist Panel Live Q&A,” Barry Rothberg & John Hill, LBT Adaptive Optics Team

“Univ. of New Mexico Optics Program Intro & Research” Ganesh Balakrishnan, Univ. of NM

“Student Mini-presentation w/ Pre-recorded Talks and Live Q&A” Participating students