Golchehr Noshirvani Allahabadi

Golchehr-Noshirvani-Allahabadi-profileGolchehr Noshirvani Allahabadi is implementing Bessel light-sheet microscopy in biomedical imaging study lab lead by Professor Leilei Peng . We are developing a one-photon Laser-Sheet Microscope with 2 micron axial resolution and 0.5 micron lateral resolution. Biomedical study requires in-vivo deep-tissue noninvasive imaging method. In Light sheet microscopy which is one of the important advances in microscopy, the sample is illuminated with thin sheet of light from the side and the emitted fluorescence is collected perpendicular to direction of excitation result in increasing the speed and enables us to capture the biological dynamic. Bessel beam is non diffracting beam and benefited from self-healing property Bessel sheet can penetrate better in scattering tissue. One photon Bessel-light sheet microscopy allows multichannel, noninvasive, in-vivo deep tissue imaging. The microscope is portable and low cost which enable fast, 3D imaging zebrafish as animal model for disease treatment .The optical sectioning is obtained by combining with structure illumination microscopy(SIM).In SIM , the sample is excited with structured light. The image processing in Fourier plan obtains higher resolution. Finally, Noshirvani designs novel fluorescence microscopy methods for in-vivo deep tissue imaging to improve speed, resolution field of view and cost.