TRIF Imaging Initiative

The TRIF Imaging initiative is charge with identifying and funding imaging-based programs across the campus to support a coordinated set of activities with objectives to increase (a) research and technology development, (b) workforce development, (c) educational outreach, and (d) technology transfer and technology support for industry in the state of Arizona.

To achieve these goals, the TRIF Space and Optics Initiative utilizes TRIF resources to support four primary endeavors:

  • hiring of new faculty that are enabling to target impact areas
  • advancement of research and educational excellence in target impact areas
  • procuring and maintaining state of the art infrastructure, and
  • enriching community outreach and industry partnerships.

The TRIF Imaging initiative is coordinated and run through a faculty advisory committee that has campus-wide affiliations and extensive expertise in imaging, including the following members:

  • Jim Schwiegerling, (Chair) Professor of Optical Sciences
  • Urs Utzinger, Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Optical Sciences
  • Phillip Hinz, Professor of Astronomy
  • Mathew Kupinski, Professor of Optical Sciences
  • Lars Furenlid, Professor of Radiology and Optical Sciences
  • Amit Ashok, Assistant Professor of Optical Sciences and Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Josh Eisner, Associate Professor of Astronomy

The committee reflects the diversity of imaging programs on campus including input from medical imaging, astronomical imaging and applied optics. The committee interacts with Department Heads and College Deans on specific actions items, such as faculty recruitments or contributions to major equipment purchases, and has been responsive to requests for use of TRIF funds from the University community as well as proactive in disseminating ideas and seeking partners for specific new initiatives.

Infrastructure & Outreach

When availability of funds permits, the TRIF Imaging initiative supports support outreach initiatives and/or equipment for advanced imaging research. This support expands the research capability, increases competitiveness in attracting future extramural research funding and exposes outside entities to the world class imaging research being performed at the University of Arizona.