Bret Maughan

Bret-Maughan-ProfileBret Maughan works in Dr. Oliver Monti’s lab conducting condensed matter physics research aimed at developing a molecular-level understanding of the electronic properties of organic semiconductor interfaces. An interface is formed when two materials with different physical, chemical, and electronic properties are brought together. The high modification potential inherent to organic semiconductor interfaces elevates them as promising materials for applications in next generation electronics such as flexible circuitry and inexpensive organic photovoltaics. Studying these interfaces also constitutes an important step toward the realization of single-molecule devices which are the present theoretical limit of device miniaturization and necessary to progress quantum computing. Using a combination of ultrahigh resolution imaging, computer simulations, and photoemission spectroscopy, Bret seeks to understand the fundamental physics underpinning interfacial processes occurring on the nanometer length and ultrafast time scales. Uncovering the interactions that affect the physical structure and electronic properties of the material enables rational tailoring of the interface to tune the collective properties and enhance critical electronic processes such as charge generation and collection.