Contact and Communicate

Brian’s contact information

Office: room 622, Optical Sciences (6th floor, middle section of building)

Phone: 520-626-5825

Email: bpa [ at ]

Mailbox: in the mailroom (4th floor) of the Optical Sciences, faculty section. There is also a box outside of my office door, but please do not leave anything of unusual importance in this box since it is not secure.

I am often in my office, so feel free to come by to talk or ask questions (even outside of office hours). If you would like to schedule an appointment, please call or send email. I am also happy to make Zoom appointments.

If you urgently need to reach me but can’t find me and I don’t answer my phone, contact my administrative assistant at 626-7080.

TA contact information

  • John McCauley, Optical Science PhD student.   
  • Email: johnjmccauley [at]