OPTI 380A: Intermediate Optics Laboratory

  • Last Update: August 23, 2016

Course Objectives

The main objectives for this Junior-level undergraduate lab are to understand the basics of physical optics, interference, diffraction, detectors, laser cavities, and the electro-optical properties of gas and semiconductor lasers.  A variety of optical lab techniques will also be taught.

General Lab Information

Lab-Specific Information

Lab 1: Semiconductor Light Sources

Lab 2: Detectors

Lab 3: CD-ROM Player

Lab 4: Wave Motion

Lab 5: Fresnel Reflection

Lab 6 – Polarization

Lab 7 – Interference: Division of Wavefront

Lab 8 – Interference: Division of Amplitude

Lab 9 – Michelson Interferometer

Lab 10 – Laser Cavities

Lab 11 – Diffraction

Lab 12 – Project Lab

Supplementary Lectures and Instructional Videos

Project Lab Videos

Each year, student groups work on a final project lab, which is on a topic that they choose.  Part of the project lab requirements is to make a video report on what they learned.  The videos below are posted with permission of the students on their YouTube channels.

The video list below starts in 2015.¬† As of August 2016, permission forms from previous years have either been misplaced or have not been received, so they can’t be posted.¬† If alumni from previous years would like their video posted, please contact Prof. Milster.¬† Most of the videos from previous years are also excellent, and it would serve the public well to post them here.