Our program involves the growth and study of metallic and semiconductor superlattice thin films and epitaxial ultra-thin films. Topics of recent interest include studies of nucleation and epitaxy, magnetic and magneto-optical properties and devices, x-ray optics, far-Infra-Red, superconducting, and mechanical properties of these materials.

A comprehensive range of facilities are available in our laboratory to support our research and teaching activities. This includes equipment for deposition, characterization, and measurement of various physical properties of thin and ultra-thin films as well as of bulk materials, along with general support facilities.

Students and scientific staff, along with collaborators from on and off campus, and visiting scientists from a number of U.S. and foreign institutions, have been essential components of our research efforts over the years. We are always interested in exploring new collaborations which would further our research and educational programs. Scientists interested in spending a sabbatical period are encouraged to contact me to discuss the possibilities. Students looking for an outstanding undergraduate or graduate program for their studies are encouraged to contact the College of Optical Sciences to request an admissions packet.

Charles M. Falco