Soft Nano-Photonic Systems

Overview of the Lab:

We study the interaction of light with structures derived from nanoscale colloidal building blocks using a mixture of experiment, theory, and computation. Our research includes investigations into the fundamental optical properties of these materials, manipulation of nanoparticles using optical tweezers, assembly of nanostructured photonic metamaterials and superresolution devices, integration of nanophotonic and microphotonic systems, and sensing of nanoparticles and biomolecules using lensfree holographic microscopy. This research will enable better microscopes, smaller and lighter optical devices, and more sensitive biomedical sensors.

Openings for Ph.D. Students & Postdocs:

We are looking to take on one or two new Ph.D. students. If you have already been offered admission to the Optical Sciences Ph.D. program and may be interested in joining the lab, feel free to contact Euan McLeod. We are also looking for a postdoc to work in the area of chemical sensing using micro/nano-photonic devices.


Beyond the diffraction limit, Biosensing, Nanopatterning, Liquids, Polymers, Surface chemistry, Self-assembly, Directed-assembly, Optical tweezers, Lensfree holographic microscopy


We are grateful for the funding support we have received from the University of Arizona, the National Science Foundation, and the Defense Threat Reduction Agency.