Group Members

Current & Recent Research Students & Advisees

Ph.D. & M.S. Supervised Students

  • Monica A. Gubbels¬†– M.S.(1988)¬†–¬†A theoretical study of nonlinear guided waves
  • David R. Heatley Ph.D. (1990)¬†–¬†Dynamics of solitons in nonlinear optical waveguides
  • Augusto Rodrigues – Ph.D. (1996)¬†–¬†Nonlinear pulse propagation near a two-photon resonance
  • Kirk Cook – M.S. (1996)¬†–¬†Analysis of a model for optical breakdown in water using ultrashort pulses
  • Keith Kasunic – Ph.D. (1997)¬†–¬†Nonlinear dynamics of circular grating distributed feedback lasers
  • Michal Mlejnek – Ph.D. (1998)¬†–¬†Intense femtosecond pulse interaction with transparent and absorbing media
  • Sierk P√∂tting – M.S. (1998)¬†–¬†Gap solitons in atomic Bose-Einstein condensates
  • Joe Triscari – Ph.D. (2000)¬†–¬†Application of Lie theory to optical resonators: the two dimensional master equation
  • John Perrault – M.S. (2002)¬†–¬†Simulation of nonlinear optical measurements for the carrier-envelope phase of ultrashort pulses
  • Carl Maes – Ph.D. (2003)¬†–¬†Transverse mode properties of resonators with a Gaussian gain
  • Thomas Niday – Ph.D. (2004)¬†–¬†Stability and transient effects in ultraviolet filaments
  • Chris Anderson – M.S. (2005)¬†–¬†Numerical study of Bessel beam propagation
  • Casey T. Streuber – M.S. (2006)¬†–¬†Numerical study of the Dark Poisson spot
  • Dan Roskey – Ph.D. (2007)¬†–¬†On the role of linear processes in the development and evolution of filaments in air
  • Klaus Metzger – Ph.D. (2007)¬†–¬†Longitudinal optical binding (U. of St. Andrews).
  • Steve Lee – Ph.D. (2009)¬†–¬†Optical trapping: optical interferometric metrology and nanophotonics (U. of St. Andrews)
  • Julia Werra – M.S. (2011)¬†–¬†Obtaining the momentum distribution of an oblate¬†Bose-Einstein condensate: A numerical analysis (co-advised with Brian Anderson)
  • John Mongelli – M.S. (2012)¬†–¬†Temporal optical soliton dynamics in fs enhancement cavities (co-advised with Jason Jones)
  • Chris Shanor – M.S. (2016) – Numerical investigation of enhanced femtosecond supercontinuum via a weak seed in noble gases (co-advised with Miro Kolesik)