Quantum Enhanced (Classical and Quantum) Communications and Networking

  1. Quantum enhanced classical laser communications: Information theoretic limits [1–3], designs of quantum-enhanced receivers [4–8], quantum-circuit-realizations of quantum-optimal receivers [9,10], error correction codes [11,12], and the use of pre-shared entanglement as a resource to boost classical communications [13].
  2. Quantum communications: Information theoretic limits [14], quantum error correction codes [15–17], system designs involving spin-photon interfaces [18] and photonic entanglement sources [19], and end-to-end quantum repeater architectures for long-distance reliable communications of quantum information [20–22].
  3. Quantum networking: algorithms and policies for switching [23,24] and routing [25–27] of entanglement in a distributed quantum network, rate regions for simultaneous distribution of different forms of entanglement [28].