Christos Gagatsos

Christos Gagatsos studied physics (University of Athens, Greece) and holds a Ph.D. ‚Äúen Sciences de l‚ÄôIng√©nieur et Technologie ‚ÄĚ (ULB, Ecole Polytechnique de Bruxelles, Belgium). He is a former postdoc in the Guha group. He has researched several topics of quantum optics such as noiseless amplification of quantum signals, quantum optics‚Äô problems that involve the calculation of von Neumann entropy, majorization relations, and quantum sensing. His research interests include everything that has to do with continuous variables. These days his research focuses on quantum estimation theory and non-Gaussian cluster states. As of April 2023, Dr. Gagatsos is now an Assistant Professor at the University of Arizona in the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

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Keywords: Photonic Quantum Computing, Quantum Sensing, Quantum Communication

Photon subtraction for non-Gaussian states generation which are a resource for optical quantum computation.

Active covert sensing: Unknown parameters’ estimation while an adversary remains unaware of the sensing process.

Covert communications: Communication between parties under the constraint that an eavesdropper is unable to see if information transmission takes place or not.

Quantum enhanced Sagnac interferometer, i.e., angular velocity estimation with application to gyroscopes.

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