Current members

Group picture taken Summer 2017

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Group picture

from left to right: Poul, Kevin, Dan, David, Nathan, and Senthilnathan

Poul Jessen
Prof. Poul S. Jessen
Principal Investigator
Office: Meinel 604
Phone: (520) 621-8267


Ian Marsh
Ph.D. Student
Phone: (520) 621-4939

Jon Pajaud
Ph.D. Student
Phone: (520) 626-3304

Former group members


David Melchior
Graduated 2023 (Ph.D.)

Kevin Kuper
Graduated 2022 (Ph.D.)

Daniel Hemmer
Graduated 2021 (Ph.D.)

Nathan Lysne
Graduated 2020 (Ph.D.)

Senthilnathan Lingasamy
Graduated 2018 (M.S.)

Hector Sosa Martinez
Graduated 2016 (Ph.D.)

Enrique Montaño
Graduated 2015 (Ph.D.)

Kyle Taylor
Graduated 2015 (M.S.)

Pascal G. Mickelson
Postdoctoral Research Associate

Brian Anderson
Graduated 2013 (Ph.D.)

Jae Hoon Lee
Graduated 2012 (Ph.D.)

Aaron Smith
Graduated 2012 (Ph.D.)

Souma Chaudhury
Graduated 2009 (Ph.D.)

Worawarong ‘O’ Rakreungdet
Graduated 2008 (Ph.D.)

Greg Smith
Graduated 2006 (Ph.D.)

Gerd Klose
Graduated 2001 (Ph.D.)

Duong “Zoom” Nguye
Graduated 2001 (B.S.)

David Haycock
Graduated 2000 (Ph.D.)

Brian Mischuck

Kit-Iu Cheong