About Us

Quantum sensing and Searches for New Physics

Welcome to our lab webpage!

Our lab employs quantum metrology and quantum sensing with atomic and molecular systems to probe fundamental physics and to explore the world around us with high precision.

We develop cutting edge experimental techniques to implement precise control of quantum systems, in particular atoms and molecules cooled to less than a millionth of a degree above absolute zero. Placing these quantum objects in superpositions of spatial or momentum states results in quantum interferometers that are exceedingly sensitive to undiscovered physics and the environment. We envision new applications such as measuring fundamental constants, probing from deviations from Newtonian gravity, looking for dark matter or dark energy, and other physics beyond the Standard Model.

In parallel, we are working on miniaturizing and optimizing the robustness of these techniques with the goal of building quantum-based sensors in compact packages. These devices could be used for exciting applications in the field such as gravimetry, inertial sensing, gravitational assisted navigation, or studying geology and geophysics.

Latest News and Lab Stories

  • July 14 2024 – See below some secondary reports on our two recent publications:
  • June 26 2024 – Our lattice atom interferometer measures the gravity of a cm-sized tungsten source mass more precisely than any other quantum sensor, article in Nature (also arXiv)!!!
  • June 13 2024 – We are very excited to have Ken (Kenneth Nakasone) joining the group as a research assistant in Fall 2024. We expect to begin setting up our first experiments around the same time!
  • June 11 2024 – Our paper showing that the coherence of a quantum spatial superposition can be maintained even after measuring gravity for 70 seconds is now out!
  • June 10 2024 – Lab website is online!