OPTI 200 Textbooks

BookSeeing the Light: Optics in Nature, Photography, Color Vision and Holography “STL”

  • “STL” in the syllabus
  • Falk, Brill, and Stork
  • Hardcover, 480 pages, © 1986, Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Inc.
  • ISBN: 0471603856, Dimensions (inches): 1.0×8.25×11.5

Publisher Comments: “The most complete and lucid nonmathematical study of light available. Chapters are self-contained, making the book flexible and easy to read. Coverage includes such non-traditional topics as processes of vision and the eye, atmospherical optical phenomena, color perception and illusions, color in nature and in art, Kirilian photography, and holography. Includes experiments that can be carried out with simple equipment. Chapters contain optional advanced sections, and appendixes that review the mathematics for quantitative aspects. Illustrated, including a four-color insert.”

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Optics Made Clear book lgOptics Made Clear: The nature of light and how we use it

  • “OMC” in the syllabus
  • William L. Wolfe (Professor Emeritus, Optical Sciences Center)
  • Paperback, 264 pages, © 2007, Publisher: SPIE Press
  • ISBN: 0819463078, Dimensions (inches): 0.5x6x9

Publisher Comments: “Have you wondered why the sky is blue? Why the sunset is red? How hummingbirds show us their many colors? Why the road ahead sometimes seems to have water on it, when it does not? Have you wondered how telescopes work to give a magnified image of distant objects? How do microscopes provide a magnified image of close objects? How do spectroscopes, eye glasses, cameras, binoculars, and similar instruments work? How do the simple rear view mirrors in cars dim and provide wide fields of view? In this book, William L. Wolfe attempts to describe many of the natural phenomena caused by light, and the optical devices that use it in terms everyone can understand.”

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