OPTI-310 Physical Optics:

Review of math concepts, waves, and EM theory, Maxwell s equations and the wave equation,
plane-wave solution and properties, Lorentz oscillator model of optical properties,
reflection and refraction at a dielectric interface, Fabry-Perot, multilayer films,
polarization optics, Jones calculus, Fraunhofer diffraction, single and double slit diffraction,
Airy disk for a circular aperture.

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OPTI-547 The Beam Propagation Method:

Wave equations for propagation in dielectric media, solutions using the beam propagation method based on spectral (Fourier, Hankel transforms) and finite difference methods, with emphasis on thorough understanding of both the underlying physics and numerical simulation principles. Practical, hands-on approach with applications in various contexts, such as optical waveguides, free-space with optical elements, optical cavities, integrated optics and nonlinear optics. Provides a solid background for those interested in informed and efficient use of commercial simulation packages, and a firm knowledge basis for those interested in numerical modeling in optics in general.

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OPTI-583 Simulational Nonlinear Optics:

This course is designed to give students the basics in performing modeling work related to nonlinear optics, and to start building skills necessary to create simulation software. Emphasis is on practical training in numerical methods applied in optics, and especialy in the context of nonlinear light-matter interactions in femtosecond pulses.

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