About Us

The Student Optics Chapter, or SOCk, is an educational, professional and social outlet for undergraduate and graduate students affiliated with the Optical Society (OSA) and SPIE. Among their many activities are the biweekly Community Speakers lecture series, fun social events, and the annual Laser Fun Day outreach event. The mission of SOCk is to support students of optics by providing valuable academic resources, facilitating social networking, and representing the study of light to the public.

2017-2018 Officers

Top Row, Left to Right: Matthew Noyes (President), John Brewer (Vice President), Lennon Reinhart (Secretary), Jilian Nguyen (Treasurer), Dawson Baker (Academic Chair)

Bottom Row, Left to Right: Joshua McDonald (Academic Chair), Jarod Weber (Social Chair), Christian Syson (Social Chair), Allison Richter (Outreach Chair), Adriana Mitchell (Outreach Chair)

Contact us with any questions.
Matt: mrnoyes@email.arizona.edu
John: johnbrewer@email.arizona.edu
Lennon: lennonreinhart@email.arizona.edu
Jilian: jiliannguyen@email.arizona.edu
Dawson: rbaker@optics.arizona.edu
Josh: jpmcd@email.arizona.edu
Jarod: jweber1@email.arizona.edu
Christian: nikolass@email.arizona.edu
Alli: aricht@email.arizona.edu
Adriana: adrianamitchell@email.arizona.edu