Photorefractive Polymer

Photorefractive book cover

Photorefractive book cover


The photorefractive effect is a reversible photoinduced change of the material refractive index characterized by a phase shift between the illumination and the index pattern. Indeed, while there are several different phenomena that lead to refractive index change in material, the photorefractive effect fingerprint is the phase shift that lead to unique properties like two beam coupling.

The photorefractive effect has been discovered by A. Ashkin at al. in 1966 in LiNbO3 and LiTaO3inorganic crystals. In 1990, the effect has been demonstrated in organic compounds by K. Sutter et al..  Prof. Peyghambarian’s group study those materials since more than 10 years and has been the on the forefront in major discoveries on that topic. Photorefractive materials are interesting because they can be used as self-developing and refreshable holographic recording medium.

Photorefractive organic materials are now mature for applications and we have developed a large  holographic 3D display that can be written erased and refreshed within a few minutes. Click here for more information.

Other target applications are: laser beam amplification, signal restoration, non-destructive testing, data storage 


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Images and Videos

The photorefractive effect

Aberrated image

Dynamic Image Correction

Corrected image

Holographic 3D Display

Holographic 3D Display

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