Students Internal to UA

The Precision Instrumentation Group is not actively looking to take on new graduate students at this time unless you have an existing fellowship, scholarship, or other funding mechanism. (This is subject to change given the vagaries of academic funding.)

If you are an undergraduate, please check out our research topics and contact me if something interests you. When you contact me, please give me at least three different times that you are available for scheduling a meeting.

Students Outside of UA

If you are student who is from outside of the University of Arizona and are interested in pursuing graduate studies in the group, you must first apply and be admitted to the College of Optical Sciences or other graduate program at the University of Arizona. Directly contacting me for positions is a futile task as 1) I have no part in the admissions process, and 2) the lag between contacting me, applying, and arriving on campus makes it near-impossible to guarantee research positions are available.

Please see the respective department websites for details on applying and being admitted to the university.

College of Optical Sciences Graduate Admissions

Mechanical Engineering Graduate Admissions

Steward Observatory Graduate Admissions

For international students: please note that virtually all graduate schools in the US operate on a standard admissions cycle, which is different than many programs in other countries. This includes an application process that happens in the late-fall/early-winter, acceptance notifications in the ~spring, and positions starting concurrent with the fall semester of the next academic year. Applications outside of this cycle are near-impossible to consider.