Former Ph.D. Students

Year Name Dissertation Title
1 1978 William H. Swantner Optical Design of Coherent Optical Processor
2 1978 Chungte W. “Bill” Chen Design and fabrication of holographic elements
3 1979 Nobuhiko “Pooshan” Tamura Feedback systems for image acquisition and processing
4 1980 Osuk Kwon Infrared interferometric systems
5 1980 John S. Loomis Applications of computer-generated holograms in optical testing
6 1980 Lawrence F. Rubin Scatterplate interferometry
7 1980 Richard N. Shagam Heterodyne interferometric and moiré test methods for surface measurements
8 1982 Elliot G. Eichen Speckle measurements with a CCD array: Applications to speckle reduction
9 1982 Cheol J. Kim Polynomial fit of interferograms
10 1982 Christ L. Koliopoulos Interferometric optical phase measurement techniques
11 1982 Ken Womack Traditional and synchronous convolution methods for processing fringe pattern images
12 1984 John B. Hayes Linear methods of computer controlled optical figuring
13 1984 Sin-Sang “Phil” Lam Real-time two-wavelength holographic interferometry with a Bi12SiO20 crystal
14 1985 Yeou-Yen Cheng Multiple-wavelength phase-shifting interferometry
15 1985 Katherine Creath Digital speckle-pattern interferometry
16 1987 Chiayu Ai Phase measurement accuracy limitation in phase-shifting interferometry
17 1987 Russell Chipman Polarization aberrations
18 1987 Donald K. Cohen Analysis of methods for detecting focus error in optical data storage systems
19 1988 Eugene R. Cochran Extending the measurement range of an optical surface profiler
20 1988 Scott L. Devore Analysis and measurement of optical disk drive functions
21 1992 Walter G. Hahn Optical measurement of surface profiles of silicon dioxide films on silicon substrates and carbon coatings on magnetic disks
22 1994 Joseph G. Ambrose Deconvolution of lateral shear interferograms
23 1998 Erik L. Novak Measurement and analysis optimization of large aperture laser Fizeau interferometer
24 1999 Conrad Wells Phase-shifting interferometric imaging ellipsometer
25 2000 Akiko Harasaki Improved vertical scanning interferometry
26 2000 Michael North Morris Phase-shifting birefringent scatterplate interferometer
27 2003 Mark Neal Polarization phase-shifting point-diffraction interferometer
28 2003 Jay Van Delden Principles and measurement of polarized light: A novel interferometric approach
29 2004 Babak Saif Simultaneous phase shifted digital speckle pattern interferometry
30 2005 Matt Novak Micropolarizer phase-shifting array for use in dynamic interferometry
31 2006 Bradley Kimbrough Path Matched Vibration Insensitive Fizeau Interferometer
32 2009 Peter H. Smith Water at the Phoenix Landing Site
33 2012 Joshua Thomas Wiersma Pixelated Mask Polarization Based Spatial Carrier Interference Microscopy
34 2013 Goldie Goldstein Smart Temporal Phase Unwrapping for Biological Objects